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The Cookie Law (posted Oct 10, 2012)


Visitors to your website will now be asked whether they want to allow the website to use cookies. You will see a big blue bar across the top of your site. There is an 'allow cookies' button and a 'read more' link. The read more link takes you to a new disclaimer page that has been added to your site. It takes you to the cookie section of this disclaimer. The text explains what cookies are and how the website uses them. Visitors will not be able to use any of your online forms until they click to allow cookies.  






Patient Participation Directed Enhanced Service (DES) (posted Oct 10, 2012)


The purpose of the Patient Participation DES is to ensure that patients are involved in decisions about the range and quality of services provided and, over time, commissioned by their practice.


Our Secure Surgery Website package can help you meet these requirements.. click to read more



Our Portfolio is Expanding  (posted Mar 27, 2012)


March has been great month for us! Please see some of our new customers site on our Portfolio page.


Export Your Survey Results to PDF or a Spreadsheet  (posted Mar 27, 2012)


We have given our customers the ability to export their survey results to pdf or a spreadsheet. They can then be uploaded to the website for your patients to download. This helps meet the requirements of the DES!


New Anti Spam Image Captcha on all Online Forms  (posted Mar 27, 2012)


We were using Google's Recaptcha at the bottom of our online forms to ensure our customers were not receiving spam requests. However, some of the challenges were reported as quite hard. Because of this we decided to write our own anti spam captcha. Your patients are now asked to click on the correct image out of six displayed. A couple of our customers kindly agreed to test the form on their sites and it went down well. It has now been added to all of our customers' sites. Please see our secure online form section to see the new image captcha. Please feel free to try it out.


Patient Reference/Participation Group Area (posted Aug 18, 2011)


Your website now comes with a patient reference/participation group area. There is a sign up form which ask personal questions such as age, sex, ethnicity, employment status etc. You are able to contact your members via your management software at any time. You can choose to contact only certain types of patients only, for example, all of those that are retired. Click here to read more.


Welcome to our first Isle of Man Customer! (posted May 18, 2011)





Create Your Own Online Patient Questionnaire or Online Form ( posted on Apr 27, 2011 )


We have added the ability for you to create you own online forms/questionnaires.

We had been thinking about adding a New Patient Questionnaire and a Travel Questionnaire to the package. After some investigating it seems different surgeries ask different questions for these. We then thought why not let you create your own!! 


Click here to



Another New Patient Form Added ( posted on Sept 24, 2010 )


We have added a 'Sign Up For Text Message Appointment Reminders' form. Click here to see an example.


New Patient Form Added ( posted on Sept 8, 2010 )


We have added a 'Request a Telephone Consultation' form. Click here to see an example.


New Patient Form Added ( posted on Apr 30, 2010 )


We have added an 'Update your Clinical Records' form after a suggestion from one of our customers who wanted to collect patient smoking status. Click here to see an example.


Spell Checker Added ( posted on Apr 30, 2010 )


We have added a Spell Checker to the website content management text editor.

Search Box  ( posted on Feb 4, 2010 )

We have added a search feature to the website package. Please see the search box above.

Google Translate ( posted on Jan 29, 2010 )

After a suggestion from one of our customers we have added google translate to our pages.


The Scrolling News Box ( posted on Jan 15, 2010 )

After a request from one of our customers we have added a scrolling news box feature to our Secure Surgery Website package. This feature can be turned on or off. Click here to read more.


Create Your Own Patient Survey ( posted on Oct 12, 2009 )

We have added the ability for you to create you own survey. Click here to read more.

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